O5 AgriTeach 4.0 further training program for VET teachers

O5 AgriTeach 4.0 further training program for VET teachers


Teacher training will initially be in the form of blended learning to introduce concepts and to orient the participants. This will be followed by a phase of online learning guided by tutors in both the target countries
The pilot will initially start in Hungary, followed one month later in Macedonia. This will ensure that any early issues are trapped quickly.
Teacher recruitment will start with the operation of the survey. This will also be used to invite teachers and advisors involved in the survey to participate in the course.

The course will be delivered via a networked learning methodology. In practice this means that tutors will be asked to facilitate online communications and collaborations of the participants, and to inspire them to participate in knowledge sharing. This methodology is quite different from that of typical MOOCs, where participants often learn alone at their own pace. Participants in this course will work as an organised cohort, with release and study of learning content controlled over the length of the pilot.

The pilot will start with a contact day in both countries, in order to provide the basic skills of working, navigating, and learning on the platform, but also to learn about each other. The aim is to quickly establish an effective learning community.

We will contemporary and innovative pedagogical methods - including project/based learning and the flipped classroom model - in order to provide an opportunity for the participants to try out the methods that they will learn about during the course. The design of the courses will ensure the integration of specific tasks with challenging questions into the lessons, with the aim of inspiring and motivating the participants to actively join in with the discussion forums.

Following this initial phase there will be an online study period, during which participants will be guided by the tutors. Finally, to close the course, there will be another contact day at which all participants will have the opportunity to discuss any problems, to put questions to the tutors and organisers, and to share plans for the future.