Meeting Objectives:
  1. Presentations of the results of O5 – Agriteach 4.0 Further Training Program for VET teachers in Macedonia and Hungary
  2. Planning O6 - Planning for valorisation and sustainability and the multiplier event related to O6
Event Objectives:
  1. Presentation of the findings regarding the training needs of VET teachers for preparing students for Agriculture 4.0
  2. Presentation of the syllabus and the learning content
  3. AgriTeach 4.0 Learning Management System
  4. Pilot course in North Macedonia
  5. Planning for valorisation and sustainability

Pilot training closing event
June 13, 2019 10-14
Makó, Korona Konferencia Központ
6900 Makó, Széchenyi tér 10.

Program of the event

  1. Results of O5 Pilot training in Macedonia and Hungary
  2. Opportunities for valorization of project results
  3. Certificate ceremony for Hungarian course participants

The pilot training in Macedonia was closed with final contact day at which participants were given the opportunity to discuss any problems, to put questions to the tutors, and to debate possible sustainability plans for the future. All participants that successfully passed the course were given certificates by the AgriTeach 4.0 consortium.

April 5, 2019 a multiplication event of the Agriteach 4.0 project was organized by GAK Educational, Research and Innovation Nonprofit Ltd. for agricultural advisors and consultants at Szent István University in Gödöllő. All Hungarian partners were represented at the event, Zoltán Horváth – Galamb József Agricultural Secondary School as project coordiator, Szilvia Gerhát - ITStudy Hungary, László Papócsi and Attila Nagy - GAK Educational, Research and Innovation Nonprofit Ltd.

We launched a pilot training session for interested teachers / consultants. There were more than 30 participants from different regions of Hungary.
Two concact days are orgnised  to start and finish the training. The pilot course is done online, led by tutors of institutions involved in curriculum development. Participation in the training is free of charge. Pilot training is expected to begin in early March 2019 in Hungary, and the closing meeting in Makó scheduled for  14th June 2019.
The program of the information day for the pilot training:

Event Objectives:

  1. Presenting project aims, objectives, general overview
  2. Presenting the results from the Agriteach 4.0 project (IO1, IO2 and IO3)
  3. Presentation of Syllabus and learning content for AgriTeach 4.0
  4. Presenting of AgriTeach 4.0 Learning Management System
  5. Introducing AgriTeach 4.0 further training program for VET teachers
  1. Presentations on the results of
    • O3 – Syllabus and learning content for AgriTeach 4.0 and
    • O4 – Agriteach 4.0 Learning Management System. Discussion of translation into national languages, distribution of tasks
  2. Starting discussion on O4/A3-A4-A5.
    • A3 Selecting and integration Open Educational Resources,
    • A4 Developing training guides and
    • A5 Training for tutors (BETA test) 
  3. Planning the multiplier events (E1-Hungary, E2-Macedonia) starting pilots - related to O4

Meeting Objectives:

  1. Presentations on the results of O1-O2 - ICT skill demands-presentations of the countries, e-Competence Map – CAPDM, Conclusions
  2. Evaluation and closing O1-O2, publication of the results - all partners
  3. Starting O3, discussion of the distribution of work- development of syllabus and content development
  4. Starting O4, distribution of work - implementation of LMS, planning the online course, etc.
  5. Dissemination activities, publications
  6. Financial issues

The Kick-off meeting of the project was organised in Hungary, in the office of iTStudy Hungary Ltd., in Gödöllő.