Sentera PHX Drone

Sentera PHX Drone

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The PHX drone is a fixed-wing platform revolutionizing the drone industry and how it defines precision, reliability, and data accuracy. By utilizing a robust autopilot, the PHX is an exceptionally accurate, easy-to-use UAV system. The PHX has a cruise speed of 35 mph and up to a 59-minute endurance, allowing it to capture data from over 700 acres in a single flight. The hand-launched UAV seamlessly integrates a wide range of sensor options capable of capturing high-resolution RGB, NIR, NDVI, NDRE, 3D, thermal and LiveNDVI™ data.

Leverage the PHX Pro RTK variant to achieve sub-5cm and better accuracy on orthomosaics and 3D mapping and modeling products — without the need for surveyed ground control points or time-consuming post-processing of the GPS data. An ideal solution for survey, agriculture, and mapping customers who need to reliably — and quickly — capture precision data, the dual-band RTK payload delivers true L1/L2, multi-constellation RTK to the PHX Pro. The PHX RTK shatters the cost barrier for industrial-grade, dual-frequency RTK-enabled image collection.

The PHX drone is indispensable to growers, agronomists, crop consultants, surveyors, infrastructure inspection agents, and public safety officials.

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