O4 AgriTeach 4.0 Learning Management System

O4 AgriTeach 4.0 Learning Management System


In this working phase the project will implement an e-learning system, based on the open source Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) software. This will incorporate the functionalities of learning and content management. The planned topic-oriented course structure will built along a well-planned time-line. The course will be highly structured, It not just a store of online learning contents, where the participants are left alone (to learn in their own pace). The educational partners will develop a carefully guided learning structure, involving the support of a tutor to facilitate the learning process, and to look for the need for intervention.

This development will respect the fact that the environment and its content is not about technology, but about support for effective learning. All technological components of the course, as well as the actual course components themselves, will be determined and driven by specific pedagogical aims. These will include: motivating; involvement in collaboration; knowledge sharing; online communication; facilitating participant activities. These are the primary requirements of the learning environment.

The course will be developed around Learning Objectives, that meet the needs of the Learning Outcomes, and these will be supported by functional activities such as self-assessment tools, blogs, forums, glossary, games, video tutorials, and e-portfolios.

The e-learning training materials are produced in the open source Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) framework. learning materials are available in 3 languages ​​(HU, MK, EN) on this interface.

  1.     Module: Teaching in the 21th century
  2.     Module: European Strategies and Initiatives for E-Agriculture
  3.     Module: Digital Systems within Agriculture 4.0

The completion of the individual modules is progressing at the pace of the pilot training, and the learning process is facilitated by tutors. The course contains the following elements:

  •    course introduction
  •    the aims of the modules
  •    learning guide
  •    curriculum
  •    practice exercises
  •    module assesment
  •    forum
  •    final assesment

Agriteach 4.0 e-Learning Portal: http://moodle.agriteach.hu/
Pilot training is expected in Hungary from 25 February to 26 April 2019.
Registration is required to participate in the pilot training.
After the pilot training and refining the course materials will be available free of charge after registration.