Dear Farmer!

We would like to ask for your help and assistance in our project aimed at preparing agricultural vocational education teachers to teach topics in e-agriculture.
The aim of the AGRITEACH 4.0 project is to help vocational agricultural teachers to renew and revise their current teaching methods by providing free and open online distance education courses in e-agriculture.

As background to the project we would like to develop an understanding of:

  • current Agro-informatics competence levels
  • the type of qualified professionals that will be needed in agricultural businesses in the future
  • the extent to farms are currently implementing e-agriculture and related technologies

Our questionnaire is intended to assess: (i) the current demand for e-agricultural graduates in small and medium-sized enterprises in our country; and (ii) what are your expectations and needs of agricultural teachers in the area of e-agriculture.
In order for agricultural teachers to successfully complete the online course, and gain a certificate from our project, they will need to demonstrate an understanding not only of agriculture, but also of the latest agrarian informatics tools, the latest technologies and agricultural trends.
We believe that educated teachers with well-founded agronomic competencies will go on to train professionals able to manage your business’s agricultural information technology and tools, and engage with the experts and businesses that devise the strategies for the effective functioning of your farms.

The questionnaire is both voluntary and anonymous.  It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.  You can find out more about the project, and fill out the questionnaire, at:
The results of the survey, and the background to AGRITEACH 4.0, will be published on the project at

Thank you for your contribution!


Base data

(Multiple answer is possible!)

ICTs in agriculture

(Multiple answer is possible!)
(Multiple answer is possible!)
(e.g. data analysis, decision support, regular support and maintenance, trainings.)
(Multiple answer is possible!)
9. Please evaluate by importance the following professional skills, abilities and competencies what you would expect from an agro-information expert working in your enterprise!
1 = not important at all
5 = very important
Be acknowledged of the various software tools in e-agriculture, be capable to make suggestion for purchase, operation and maintenance *
Be acknowledged of the various hardware equipment in e-agriculture, be capable to make suggestion for purchase, operation and maintenance *
Especially be aware of the sensors used in agriculture, be capable to install, operate and maintain them *
Be capable to assist B2G (business to government) processes of the enterprise (claims, reports, refunds etc.) *
Be capable to create and maintain the website pf the enterprise, with basic content management and administration tasks *
Be capable to develop proprietary software according to the specific functional needs of the enterprise *
Be capable to follow the technological changes in e-agriculture and monitor newest trends *
Be aware of the basic rules and possibilities of e-commerce *
Be aware of the operation of data transmission equipment *
Be acknowledged of legal and ethical aspects of using ICT tools *
Know the processing methods of collecting data and be capable to select the needed information for decision making support *
Be capable to provide general information system administrator tasks for the enterprise *
Help the teamwork of the enterprise by his/her decisions *
(Multiple answer is possible!)

If you selected any of the first two points in the question above, please continue answering the below questions too!

Precision agriculture, Farming 4.0

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